Gift Fair Goodies at Jade Kiwi Kaikoura
Mel and I recently went to Auckland on the hunt for some awesome new products to sell at Jade Kiwi! With a dramatic drop in tourism, because of the silly road closures and earthquakes, we decided to mix it up a bit! and purchase a few different things that our fellow kiwis would buy!  We were blown away with all the new and exciting products on offer! Exciting, they are arriving every day at the shop!  just like xmas!  cant wait to show you all through Facebook and on the web page!  Vapourisers, beautiful twinkle and festive lighting, pet beds, rabbit fur key rings, Easter gifts and sooo many cool new products from our good mates at Moana Road! (they shouted us out for dinner too) apparently we're good customers! YaY! so look out we have Blu Tooth headphones and some cool new bags, super FUN BBQ tools and so much more to come!