Wood Earrings - Tigre
Wood Earrings - Tigre Wood Earrings - Tigre Wood Earrings - Tigre

This pair of Wooden Earrings is made from recycled Kauri and Rewarewa, local woods from New Zealand.

WOODntU Jewellery is eco-friendly and ethically made:

Material: 100% Wood
Fitting suggested: Antique Bronze
Size: 10.5cm length


Ancient Kauri is the oldest wood in the world. It has a powerful beauty, due to the natural shimmering iridescence of all the shades of honey.

Rewarewa is one of our iconic trees to New Zealand. Popular with birds and other wildlife for its nectar this is a must tree for every coastal forest garden. Early European settlers called it New Zealand Honeysuckle for its contribution to honey production. Rewarewa is a tall, slender tree with thick, serrated leaves and very dark brown bark. The wood is easily identified by it’s speckled appearance, caused by darker red to purplish medullary rays through silvery pinkish sapwood. The heartwood is darker purplish-brown. It is an attractive finishing timber, particularly when used alongside other timbers.


100% natural product: olive oil and beeswax from the Banks Peninsula


Hypoallergenic and locally sourced