Jade Kiwi Pounamu Whale Fluke pendant
Jade Kiwi Pounamu Whale Fluke pendant Te Wahi Pounamu Whale Fluke Te Wahi Pounamu Whale Fluke Te Wahi Pounamu Whale Fluke
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Te Wahi Pounamu - The Place of Greenstone

This beautifully carved Whale Fluke/Tail is carved from Kahurangi greenstone.

This Whale Fluke represents dignity, strentgh, honour and speed.

Whales are the descendants of Tangaroa, the god of the sea. They were thought of in awe, as supernatural beings, and often deemed tapu, or sacred. Whales appear in the migration legends of many tribes. In some, whales were a sign indicating to a tribe that it should settle in a particular place.

Kahurangi is the rarest variety of pounamu. It is highly translucent and often comes in vivid shades of green. Kahurangi is named after the clearness of the sky. Kahurangi pounamu is particularly esteemed by Māori.


The story behind your pounamu

Deane Moreton's family has been involved in the New Zealand greenstone industry since the early 1970's and Te Wahi Pounamu brings to fruitions his vision of creating authentic pounamu pieces and providing the end holder with it's history.

From their origins as alluvial stone from the West Coast of the South Island to the beautiful carving or piece of jewellery, Deane is committed to taking you on the journey your unique piece of pounamu has travelled on it's way to you.