Remix Plastic - Piwakawaka Fantail Earrings

Pīwakawaka are one of the few native land birds that are not threatened. They have been able to adapt to how we’ve changed the environment and are happy living in native forest, scrubland, farmland and parks and gardens. 

Fantails also have lots of chicks so even though they are predated by cats, stoats and rats some young manage to survive meaning that populations can bounce back quickly when numbers decline.

This resilience is something to celebrate because only 8% of NZ’s land birds are classed as ‘Not Threatened’. This means that, as we are called on to look after our vulnerable citizens, our team of 5 million is also called on to look after our vulnerable native wildlife, including fantails - they might be doing ok now, but without our help in providing food sources and stopping predation, they might also become threatened.

63mm long X 15mm wide at the widest point