New Zealand Ngai Tahu Pounamu - Shark Tooth
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New Zealand Pounamu - authenticated Ngai Tahu Pounamu

Niho Mako or Shark tooth by carver Andrew Mc Gregor.  

Niho Mako, like the toki blade, there are similar designs that also represent strength. The shark tooth is one such example. This is because the Mako shark is such a resilient, strong creature that has survived on earth for thousands of years.

The thinking is that by wearing a 'tooth' of the shark, it will impart some of this resilience onto the wearer. Before the European Maori society, the shark tooth necklace was carved as an exact replica of the mako sharks tooth and worn in the ear.

This piece is carved from Kawakawa greenstone, the darkest and strongest form of Pounamu. Its colour ranges from a medium green to a dark forest green, and is not typically translucent. It is named for the native kawakawa plant which traditionally used for its culinary and medicinal properties. 

Endless combinations of Pounamu types occur, and no two pieces are the same guaranteeing that your Pounamu is unique.