jade kiwi kaikoura contemporary korowai
jade kiwi kaikoura contemporary korowai Large Contemporary Korowai

Ataahua Korowai by Korowai Designs (my mum).

These are gorgeous, contemporary Korowai or Kakahu.  Made with a mix of bird feathers. A modern version of the traditional Korowai.

wear as an honour, these will carry your precious moments in Whanau history and perfect to be passed down from generation to generation.

This particular Korowai is made with geese and duck feathers. 

Approx 1meter  wide and 80 - 85 long.

Created right here in Kaikoura.  Made with Feather fringe and sewn then beautifully lined at the back.

We can also make custom order.  Different sizes and colours.  Free courier! and yes we can ship these overseas.