Moana Road Door Mat Yellow Kia Ora
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KIA ORA welcome your guests with a touch of Te Reo!  These doormats are a bright and fun!

The ULTIMATE Kiwiana welcome mat made from coconut husk.

A number of colours to choose from, in size 75cm X 45cm 

AND the Kowhai Yellow comes size large too 110cm X 50cm 

Doormats are made from coconut husk - 60% Coir, 40% Vinyl

About Moana Road:

Moana Rd is a New Zealand brand that embodies the quintessential kiwi life, with an eclectic mix of quirky Kiwiana homewares, funky fashion accessories and choice-as technology products.​

We celebrate a time when baches were simple boxes surrounded by huge lawns for back yard cricket, jandals stuck to melting asphalt roads, kids rode their bikes everywhere and hokey pokey ice-creams were part of a healthy summer diet.