Te Wahi Pounamu Heart
Te Wahi Pounamu Heart Te Wahi Pounamu Heart Te Wahi Pounamu Heart


A fabulous Heart hand crafted from the most delicious piece of Kahotea Pounamu. Carved with wonderful double Koru's this gorgeous heart will make the most amazing gift.

They are the ideal gift to represent friendship, devotion, affection and romantic and enduring love, they convey a powerful statement about love, which makes them an ideal gift for just about anyone. Hearts can be given to show your love for your mother or other family members, a great way to show your love if you are far apart. It is also a great way to show appreciation for your BFF or even yourself; allowing the piece to represent a personal meaning or a remembrance for a loved one who has passed. When you give a person, you love a heart inspired piece of jewellery you are giving them a piece of you. Each time they wear it they will be reminded of you.

This a Genuine West Coast Kahotea Greenstone from the Greenstone, West Coast area. A type streaked or flecked with white. The name Kahotea derives from Kaho, meaning light coloured tea (white or clear).

Deane Moreton's family has been involved in the New Zealand greenstone industry since the early 1970's and Te Wahi Pounamu brings to fruitions his vision of creating authentic pounamu pieces .

From their origins as alluvial stone from the West Coast of the South Island to the beautiful carvings and jewellery you purchase,  Deane is committed to providing you with the information you need to discover the unique origins of your pounamu.

Carved by Aden Hoglund


40mm long x 45mm wide