Paua shell koru necklacxe
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Beautiful Kaikoura Paua Shell Pendants in 6 traditional shapes.  These are lovingly handmade by our jade kiwi artists and backed with a black doming resin to create a strong and long lasting Paua shell pendant.  

Strung with an adjustable wax cord to wear it how you like, short or long.

Designs are:

Koru - New beginning growth and harmony 4cm x 4cm

Whale Fluke - protector and strength 3 x 4.5cm

Single Twist with small koruna  - Eternity and harmony 4 x 2.5cm

Double twist - the joining together of two lives and friendship 5 x 2.3cm

Fern - From the Koru, New Zealand national emblem  6 x 2cm

Hook/Koru - safe journey, especially over water 4.5 x 3.5